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Wall of Shame

Wall of Shame

It’s Monday morning in the office and as I enter the room, the office is a hive of laughter, ringing phones and stories of Saturday night shenanigans. The wall of shame is updated!

Did some of the booking team really stay out until 7am!? Am I really that ancient that I’m shocked? And why are they all so beautiful, bright eyed and bushy-tailed? With no time to dwell the team are hard at work gearing up for another crazy week.

With staffing assignments all over the UK including a Sony Xperia Z3 roadshow in Birmingham, pop chips and Mello drinks sampling campaigns in London and Edinburgh, exhibitions including Apps World in London, Skills Show and The Classic Car show at the NEC, street promoters working for Vision Express all over the country and a handful of those projects event industry professionals work on as a supplier but aren’t allowed to shout about due to confidentiality – the team simply don’t have a moment to spare.

It’s mornings like this when the team pull together, support each other and make sure not a thing is missed.

Clients are called from the previous week’s activities to check all went well and gain vital feedback. Staff are contacted to get their feedback. New staff applications are screened. Last minute jobs come in and as quickly as they land they are filled with exceptionally talented staff.

Time for a quick ten minute team meeting and the booking team update me on the number of staff pending screening and interviews to join our books, 50 currently. There are over 2,400 active BM staff. Competition is high and only the best will make the cut.

The phone rings with another weird and wonderful request. This time it’s: “Can you supply a French speaking costume character to dress up as a fluffy parrot, 5ft 2 in London today at 3pm?” Of course we can, not a problem! A quick search on our booking system brings up everyone fitting those requirements and a wonderful Brand Ambassador is selected, booked and briefed.


The lovely Suzy

The team argue over whose turn it is to make the tea, who didn’t empty their bin on Friday and why is there an eerie smell coming from a certain team members bin! A half drank Starbucks latte with the culprit’s name written on the side has been left to ferment in the office over the weekend. A significant event is logged which is to be addressed at their next appraisal!

Finally a defeated Suzy in Accounts breaks and takes charge of the tea run and adds another point to her tally.

The phone keeps up its momentum and is practically hot to the touch. Next a call from a new client to applaud us for our ‘Here 2 Help’ staff at i2i Events Group’s Autumn Fair asking us to replicate the customer service staffing for them. Calls like this really reward the team and make their hard work feel appreciated. Straight away their requirements are noted, costs are produced and staff availability is checked. Clients are treated to an online Beautiful Minds Promotions Portfolio of available staff. The quick turn around and detailed response has won Beautiful Minds many clients and we are appointed as this particular client’s staffing supplier. Now to book a simply outstanding team.

It’s a cold, wet day and sickness has hit some of our field staff. The team replaces any unwell staff for the week’s activities and set about spot checking staffs’ knowledge on their assignment notes.

As work pours in from our regular accounts each booker works through their projects, booking staff, checking they are good to go for their shifts and working with their clients to prepare for a busy few weeks.

As the phone slows down for five minutes there’s excitement in the air as the Christmas party date is announced. Now shall we allow partners? Questions, questions!


Lunch Al Desko

After a quick pit stop for lunch (Al Desko for some) the team are back in action.

Exciting meetings are being secured, bookings are made and 2015 is already looking marvelous. A few of the team treat themselves to a toffee apple! Well it is part of our five a day…isn’t it?

Three tenders to complete so its time to get my head down and ask myself, “Why are we the right supplier for these brands?” As the creative juices flow we share the tender between the senior management and get down to work. We love a good tender. It makes you sit back, reflect and look at your product/services and understand what do we do brilliantly, how do we do it better than everyone else and how it can work for this brand. It’s a fantastic activity to evaluate and assess and always leaves us feeling proud of what we have achieved.

All of a sudden the day is nearly over. The team start to pack up and the phones start to die down. The team erupt into fits of giggles as they practice their laughing without smiling videos. Have a look on YouTube, it really is a skill!

Once again it’s a happy team leaving the office. All motivated and spurred on for another great day tomorrow.


Lisa 100 club

Guest post by Lisa Simpson, MD and founder of Beautiful Minds Promotions.

BM PromotionsSpecialists in promotional and events staffing throughout the UK.

Follow BM Promotions on Twitter @BeautifulMinds.


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