Online quiz: What type of event organiser are you?

With the likes of Band Aid, Michael Buble and Slade on repeat, it can only mean one thing…it’s Christmas. And so, in the spirit of goodwill and fun, Park Crescent Conference Centre and Conference News have teamed up to produce a light-hearted online quiz that helps identify what type of event organiser you really are.


“Conference and event organisers come in many shapes and sizes and different psychological approaches can be equally effective,” says Paul Colston, editor of Conference News. “It’s been great to team up with PCCC to dream up seven questions to answer over the Christmas break to come up with a category score for each individual. Reckon its the inner Woman’s Realm/Jackie/Mail on Sunday editor in me coming out. Next week: ‘You are the ref!”

Stephen Murtagh, chief operating officer at Park Crescent Conference Centre London adds: “We hope this light-hearted quiz will help us identify the different types of organiser and that the participants will have some fun in the process.”

So, pull up a chair, grab a mince pie and your drink of choice (mine’s a mulled cider) and take the Christmas quiz to find out what category of organiser you fall into. You never know – you might learn something about yourself! (Although, it’s probably something everyone else already knows…) Click here for the quiz.

Look out for the results in February’s edition of Conference News magazine.

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