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IMG_5335The cost of an event app is 1.2% of the budget for each attendee (Printing is double), 91% of event planners say that adopting a mobile event app has provided a positive ROI.

App powered events generate 42% more social media impressions, message reply rates among app connected attendees are over 80% and 92% of attendees send at least one message or LinkedIn invite during an event – actively promoting your event technology at the point of registration will uptake by around 40%.

76% of networking and planning takes place in a web environment (an attendee portal) and adoption of event technology is increased by 35% when an event app and attendee portal are integrated.

Pre-registered visitors who follow, on Twitter, an exhibitor/speaker that tweets about the exhibition, convert to attendees at a minimum rate of 70%. The UK B2B exhibition industry pre-registration to attendee average conversion rate is 50%.

IMG_5337I do – and so do the visitors to November’s Event Tech Live at London’s Truman Brewery. One busy day packed with exhibitors, delegates and event professionals learning about – and buying data solutions.

Data is about expressing numbers as behaviour and numbers were all over Shoreditch. The show was about event effectiveness – effective attendance, effective event focus, effective publicity and effective delivery. The event space was dominated by Shoreditch-styled clouds of graphical data turning the whole show “effectively” into an infographic with data in the raw at ground level in the form of cool colour coded pallet seats and plinths.

And it goes further – it can extend your event further. Out of the physical 832 visitors, 634 of them on twitter creating their own content generating 2.098 tweets – a reach 880, 131 or roughly one hundred times the event attendance.

IMG_5334I reckon with live events, data and creativity is a human thing.

Like any “event” the cross over from data to creativity hinges on our delegates and visitors being able to extend their individual event experience and amplify with the devices already in their hands and pockets.

Building events on sound metrics and with the benefit of a technically engaged audience there will be more “space” to take risks with creativity. Data is powerful creative enabler that can help us deliver surprise and delight and make our events get deeper, more tailored, more personal – and ultimately better and better every time.

“Events are about experience engagement and entertainment and there is no reason why an exhibition still shouldn’t deliver on that as much as it does informative content and business opportunities and that’s why we brought in Robert. He helped us to conceive a way to connect the exhibitors to the visitors using the core values of the event technology sector – data,” Adam Parry event director of Event Tech Live tells We Blog Events.

“Robert took that idea of data and saw how we could extrapolate that from the exhibitors, integrate it into the venue in a creative and exciting way and through our app supplied by DoubleDutch decode it back in to real meaning, while also connecting it back to exhibitors and ultimately sparking conversation – a little engineered serendipity. Robert really is a testament to how a simple idea can deliver so much.”


Robert-Dunsmore2Guest post from Robert Dunsmore, GES – Director Live Events and ISES Board Member.

Follow Robert on Twitter @Robert_Dunsmore.

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