Time management. Help. Needed.

8880371801_ae981b8b19_zOur industry doesn’t stop. Events, exhibitions, festivals and conferences run 24/7, 365 days a year.

I often think I have it hard when I leave the office gone 11pm on press day, but it’s nothing really, compared to the ops teams and suppliers who leave their office (otherwise known as an exhibition hall) past 4am. And that’s if they’re lucky.

The events industry is alive during evenings, weekends, and holidays, and even though at times we could be far away from home running events, we simply just have to get on with it so everything runs smoothly.

Whether or not you’ve noticed, WeBlogEvents has been notably absent from the world of blogging for a good couple of months due to work, trade shows, holidays, award ceremonies galore and just life in general. But, that’s not an excuse.

Missing a deadline is not an option in our industry.

My question is how do YOU do it? How do YOU meet your deadlines? Where do YOU find the time? How do YOU manage it?

bedmBurnout and chaos are real risks in this hectic world of events but sadly errors in time management can cost a company a potential sale, existing clients and also damage their reputation.

Ironically, WeBlogEvents has agreed to take part in a blogging challenge where we have to publish a post every day in May. (Keep an eye out for the hashtag #BEDM). We have decided to do this to encourage us to keep on top of things (otherwise we’ll look stupid) and we don’t intend to fail. (Have you met us yet?!)

What do you think #eventprofs? How do you manage your time effectively? Would you like to share your best practices on time management? Are you taking part in #BEDM? I look forward to hearing from you. Send us an email to weblogevents@gmail.com or tweet us at @weblogevents.

Stay tuned for more from our #BEDM blog posts.


  1. It’s so interesting to hear from an events industry expert. I’ve organised a few of my own events, without any real training, and I can attest it was insanely full on. So I admire anyone who is able to put on these huge events with such precision and professionalism.


  2. I struggle with time management all the time. I’m taking part in #BEDM as well on top of my design projects but I love blogging and always seem to find the time for it even if it means writing at night or weekends. I think the great thing about blogging is that you can write in advance and schedule your posts. I got into a routine where I write 3 posts in one go and then I have only 2 to write during the week. With this challenge I don’t know how I’m going to find the time to write 2 more posts a week!! But I’m having a go at it!!


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