Event tech hackathon

EventTechHack 13 June Google CampusIt seems that technology has changed the future of the events industry, so staying ahead of the game is crucial. #Eventprofs out there might have heard of a telethon. Some of you may have taken part in a marathon. But a hackathon? …”A what-a-thon?” I hear you ask.

One company at the forefront of the technological revolution is Event Tech Lab, that not only takes pride in assisting start-ups, developers and event professionals, with the overall objective of forming a partnership community around event technology and its development and growth, but has also launched #EventTechHack – a world first Event Tech Challenge on 13 and 14 June 2015.

Sponsored by Concerto Group, the event is aimed at software developers, user interface designers and event professionals, who want to collaborate and develop ideas for new applications in event technology software, and will coincide with the beginning of London Tech Week.

What I’m dying to find out is, what exactly is a hackathon?

Hackathons are popular creative and collaborative forums where enthusiasts come together to develop ideas and then code basic demonstration models that can be developed and scaled into commercial applications.

Organiser and co-founder of Event Tech Lab, James Morgan, is encouraging event professionals to share ideas or act as mentors to inspire software developers and user interface designers who will be attending #EventTechHack, at Campus London, Google’s startup incubator in Shoreditch.

5333James-Morgan-ISES-resizeTeams will consist of a maximum of four people. Winners will be announced at the end of the Hackathon on Sunday 14 June at 3pm. The winner will present and demonstrate their winning hack at Event Tech Lab’s Open Office and #CocktailHack session at Campus London on Tuesday 16 June. Judges from the hackathon will be drawn from Concerto Group as well as software developers from well-known event technology companies in the UK and USA.

According to James Morgan (pictured), the criteria for judging the best application will be based on the impact the application could have on the events industry, its feasibility in terms of implementation and how innovative the application is within the current event technology landscape.

For further information on #EventTechHack or future Event Tech Lab events, please contact James Morgan at james@eventtechlab.com.


What do you think #eventprofs? Have you ever taken part in a hackathon? Are you in the events industry and want to participate? Send us an email to weblogevents@gmail.com or tweet us at @weblogevents.

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