What we can learn from YouTube’s 10th birthday

Youtube-drawingFor some, Sunday marks the day of rest. For others, it’s an ordinary working day, behind the scenes of a consumer show.

While people are going about their business, the founders of YouTube are celebrating theirs. The YouTube website went public for the first time on 10 May 2005, still only in beta, but ready to take on the world of video and social media. Ten years on, the site has more than one billion users, 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and is the second most visited site in the world. If you think about it, if Charlie had bitten his brother 11 years ago, he wouldn’t be the star he is today.

YouTube has been at the centre of social, political, and charitable movements, from the Ice Bucket Challenge to the Arab Spring. And to think co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen wanted it to be an online video dating site.

The three-man start-up can be navigated in 76 different languages, a number that covers 95 per cent of the internet population. Fellow co-founder Jawed Karim said the idea for YouTube came in the wake of Janet Jackson’s infamous Super Bowl appearance and the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 when he struggled to find video clips of both online. And just a year after the site emerged, Google paid more than £1bn for it.

VideoWhile YouTube celebrates – with good reason – the benefits of having a video-sharing site, I can’t help but think the events industry is missing a trick.

Events take place in person, they engage the senses in a way online content can’t. BUT, every event has geographical and physical restrictions to its attendees no matter where it is. Streaming events, producing content live on the web and videos makes it accessible to a worldwide audience.

Creating a stellar video with great visuals and sound can not only help drive people to your event, it can also increase the chance delegates will want to share it with friends. Whether you have clips of your exhibition, a promotion or a 30-second shot of your team performing Gangnam Style, having video on your website makes the visitor experience more dynamic and interactive. It captivates and engages your audience and encourages them to stay on your website for longer.

It’s no secret that YouTube is a traffic source with almost limitless potential, half of YouTube views worldwide are on a mobile device. With figures like that, we as an industry should take advantage of that and each have our own YouTube channels featuring on our websites.

Creating videos, streaming live events and producing content could give your brand or business a great point of differentiation.

Stand out from the crowd. You never know, it could go viral.


YouTube is a portrait of our global culture, seen through the lenses and perspectives of people around the world. It is a portrait built by a creative community of bold and fearless individuals.

Built by comedians, gamers, activists, artists, performers, teachers, and pranksters. Built with cats and rainbows and blenders and ninjas and unicorns. It was built on the silly. It was built on the profound. It was built by you.

And 10 years in, you continue to redefine how the world experiences music, entertainment and news. How the world laughs and how the world learns. How we shape political events and how we connect over the things we love.

– YouTube statement


What do you think #eventprofs? Does your website have video content or a YouTube channel? What are the benefits of using video in events? Send us an email to weblogevents@gmail.com with your thoughts, or tweet us at @weblogevents.

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