Hashtags that will turn you into an #eventprof

Social_networking_servicesWhen it came to social media, I remember thinking I had it all with Myspace and the likes of MSN.

The sound of the PING and seeing your crush sign in to MSN, but making sure you wait 10 minutes before you started talking to them so they didn’t think you were a psycho…takes me way back. And the feeling of independence when you added the html for falling stars on your Myspace page, was just, magical.

When Facebook first launched, it was then that social media really shook society, making us all take a step back and think woah, this is a whole other world.
It wasn’t until I began working in the events industry that I started to use Twitter properly. I’d originally signed up to stalk celebrities (but quickly stopped when I couldn’t find a verified account for Nicolas Cage).
When I first started using Twitter to engage in dialogue with other #eventprofs I knew that I was onto something. It’s crazy to think how powerful a tool Twitter actually is for #eventprofs. It used to be that what happened on Twitter stayed on Twitter, until individual tweets became part of Google search results and we could start using tweets as a form of media.

It’s great to talk to others in real-time, take part in chat and forum hours, ask industry-related questions, have cake-offs and share the right amount of banter. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t know as many #eventprofs; have scooped as many news stories or have even launched this blog.

I came across this infographic from @ShowGizmo and wanted to share it with you. There’s so many hashtags, forum hours and chats you can be part of. If you have a look at these hashtags, they will help set you in the right direction to to successfully use Twitter for event marketing, PR, customer service, research and sales.


Courtesy of ShowGizmo.


What do you think #eventprofs? Do you have any top social media tips you can share with us? Send us an email to weblogevents@gmail.com with your thoughts, or tweet us at @weblogevents.

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