Can the events industry learn from Kim Kardashian?

o-KIM-KARDASHIAN-facebookAs I’m sure you’re aware, a certain reality star recently released a book made up of only selfies. Yes, that’s right, Kim Kardashian’s Selfish has arrived.

Now I know, Kim is an easy target. Selfies are for narcissistic garbage humans, of which many would count Kim as one. But then, some of us have to be engaging in a bit of General Election-style lying to the pollsters. We all say we hate Kim Kardashian, but we all also secretly consume everything she pukes out at us.

I promise, I have a point here.

US entertainment blog Vulture has come out waving its pro-Kim flag proud, with its art critic – yes, that’s right, art criticvigorously defending the star’s book, saying that selfies are now so prevalent within society that they have become their own art form, one that should be recognised within the wider art community.

I sooooo remember this day I was shooting my Carl’s Jr campaign & of course had to capture the moment #SELFISH

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on May 1, 2015 at 2:07pm PDT


But across the pond, we take a much harsher view of Kim’s favourite… er, view. Several prominent UK venues have outright banned the selfie stick, including The O2 and Emirates Stadium, and even a few festivals have taken a pretty anti-narcissism stance (surprising, given that most festivalgoers only go for the ultimate peacocking opportunities – yes, I’m looking at you, face-painted, fairy wing-wearing, Hunter welly-footed faux-hippie chick).

So we ask, eventprofs, where do you stand? Are you firmly in the colonial camp, declaring selfies the new Picasso? Or do you come down for the OG Americans, aka the Brits, and think selfies are an abomination worthy of only the most brutal stamping out? Tweet us @WeBlogEvents and let us know!

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